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Bodice Project AR

WVU Reed College of Media

The Bodice Project is an exhibit of handcrafted sculptures that represent individual breast cancer survivor’s stories created by eight artists. Students in an AR/VR class at West Virginia University’s Reed College of Media worked on an immersive walking tour of the project’s exhibit in Spring 2019. This innovative form of media brings the project to new heights by reaching a larger audience that its founders wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. This allows more people broadly to see the work from the artists and hear the stories behind the art.

virtual tour

About 10 students trekked to the exhibit located at the WVU Alumni Center to record 360-video of the space, which was pieced together to create the basis of the walking tour. Experience the exhibit below. 


As part of the immersive project, students also used a photogrammetry process to photograph all dimensions of each sculpture featured in the exhibit. The photos were pieced together to create a 3-D version of each sculpture, which was integrated into the walking tour alongside the artist’s statement detailing the story behind the piece. This allows digital attendees to see the sculpture in great detail while also getting a better sense of the story behind it. Click the links below to see the 3-D version. 

social AR

While the walking tour allows people to individually go through the exhibit, the class wanted another way to spread the project’s mission to a wider audience. The students used Facebook’s story filters to create interactive versions of the sculptures that can be placed anywhere in a room, accompanied with a recording from the artist discussing the inspiration and story behind their piece. Scan the following QR codes to view the filter (make sure sound is on to hear the artists).